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Welcome to Vineyard Real Estate Group!
I am Anna Vaagen, the broker of the company.
I started my real estate career in 2002, and have been at it ever since!
In July of 2010, I began Vineyard Real Estate Group, because I saw a need for a straight forward real estate company that gives its agents the right amount of support, but doesn’t meddle in their business!  What good is being an independent business owner if you can’t enjoy your own business?
Vineyard Real Estate Group is a cutting edge company with a cutting edge philosophy.
We don’t want you to take all your time sitting in meetings, or in traffic on the way to and from an office you don’t need.  We want you to be out producing, so you can have time for yourself to enjoy the money you earn!
You will not be required to come to meetings at Vineyard.  You will not be asked why you haven’t made a sale in any particular month.  This is your business.  And Vineyard is here to support it.
This website will tell you a little bit about our company, and outline our responsibilities to you, as well as your responsibilities to your company and yourself.  It is a guideline to make sure we’re all in agreement.
I’m glad you’re here!

Anna Vaagen
Vineyard Real Estate Group
(404) 610-1540 cell


Anna Vaagen

Anna has been in and around the real estate industry in Greater Atlanta for over 15 years!  She started out her career by marketing home warranties.  This gave her great knowledge in the field of home systems, codes, and structural soundness.  After that, she wrote home mortgages for one of the nation's largest lenders.  Anna knows the mortgage process and the mortgage industry extremely well from her years as a loan officer!  She became licensed as a real estate agent in 2001, and obtained her broker's license a few years later.  She has a passion for the real estate industry!  Ever since we opened our doors, she has busy growing Vineyard Real Estate group!  We hope you'll come join us!  You can contact Anna on her cell phone at (404) 610-1540.

Steven Littlefield
Associate Broker

Steven has been in the world of real estate for many years!  He has expertise in everything from conventional, traditional purchases to being an expert on HUD homes and FHA purchases.  He is also the Associate Broker for Vineyard Real Estate Group, answering questions from agents on contracts and giving advice within our industry.  When you choose Steven as your Realtor, you are getting knowledge, experience and professionalism on your side!  Call him today at (678) 300-9114!

Jeff Porter 

Jeff is an Atlanta native with over a decade of experience in real estate.  He has been an agent at Remax, Atlanta Real Estate Associates, and now Vineyard Real Estate Group!  He was the 2001 runner up for "Rookie of the Year" at Dekalb Board of Realtors.  He has over a decade of experience as a real estate investor, as well.  He has personally purchase over 20 homes, so he is an expert in guiding his clients through the purchasing and negotiation processes!  Jeff has extensive knowledge of real estate investing, and especiallly in the areas of home defects, repairs and additions.  Call Jeff today at (404) 819- 4737, or email him at

Leisa Littlefield

Leisa Littlefield has been a real estate agent since 2007, becoming a member of the Vineyard Real Estate Group in January of 2011. Being around the real estate business prior to that, with family members in the mortage field and being a property manager, she transitioned well from being the owner of In Time Dance and Gymnastics to another career that also relies on her being a people person, as well as her business skills. Since joining the real estate world at a time that you have to be creative to get the deal done, she has had the experience of all realms of the business, including lease purchases, listings in both sales and rentals, purchases of foreclosures, HUD homes, specialty mountain & lake properties, and estates. She loves helping people! Whether it is that first time homebuyer, one looking to sell and then upgrade, or on the hunt for the place of their retirement. Being a Georgia native, she knows metro Atlanta. And would love to help you find the home of your dreams!
Contact Leisa today at or call her at (404) 784-2269.

Susie Moore  

Susie's real estate career began in 2006 with Metro Brokers. She has also worked with Solid Source Realty and Palmer House Properties formerly known as Eleven Realty. Susie has worked with both buyers and sellers, and brings a very varied background to the table. Her education is in sociology and social work. During this time period, she has also worked as an independent consultant for Home Interiors and their predecessor Celebrating Home. Susie says, "Many people ask, 'Why Real Estate?'. To me, it is a natural fit. I am a people person and I love houses. Real estate affords me the ability to get to help people navigate the largest purchase they will ever make. My background allows me to look at this objectively from a view that a buyer or seller may not have even thought of taking into consideration. Contact me today at, or call me at (770) 820-5513."

Paul Pittard


Paul has been in the real estate industry since X. He worked for a "large corporation," and focused almost entirely on commercial real estate.  Paul is a master negotiator, and knows the business inside and out, and from vary different angles than some other agents might!  He lives and works primarily from the Lawrenceville to Athens areas, and would love to help you buy or sell your next home or business!  You can reach Paul at (404) 402-6212!

Brittany Toler

From the moment Brittany obtained her license, she has hit the ground running!  She has become a household name in real estate in the Dallas and Acworth areas.  Brittany is known for quick response, and getting answers to complicated questions quickly.  You can always reach her, which is important in this industry.  To know her is to love her- so give her a call today! 
She would love to list your home, or help you find your new home!

Denny Vines


Kim Collins


Amanda Burnum



Doreen Hamilton

Patti Loveless



Rebecca Rhue

Gary Marshall



David Cole

Kristie Nicholson
Real Estate Assistant

Kristie is a dependable, energetic, well-loved friend to everyone she meets.  Her infectious laugh, contagious smile and 
She is dedicated to finding you the perfect home.  Her excellent customer service skills were honed in her previous position, as a jewelry sales associate for 10 years!  She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 19 years, and has a 16 year old son. Born and raised in Georgia, this girl is "country as cornbread" and has her own special southern dialect.  Kristie is studying for her license, and will be ready to hit the road to get you moving in no time!

Taylor Beach
Real Estate Assistant


Kim Wheeler

Coming Soon!

MORE coming soon!


Vineyard is raising the bar in real estate.  We are offering you more for your money than you will find at other firms, large or small.  When you come to Vineyard, you will wonder about the purpose of all those fees you paid at your last company!

As a Vineyard Agent, you will never pay more than $1,500 in brokerage fees per year!

Option 1- $1,500 total fees, 90%-100% split.
Monthly Fee:  $55 (may be paid up front, or on a monthly basis, due on the 1st of each month.  If paid up front, fee is reduced to $600 total, a savings of $60)
Commission Split: Agent receives 90% of all commissions until total amount paid to broker from commissions and monthly fees together equals $1,500.  At that point, agent shall receive 100% of their commissions for the remainder of the calendar year.  The fees resume again every January 1st.  The $1,500 annual amount is a Broker guarantee.  If the Independent Contractor does not earn enough commissions to total the $1,500 per year, the remainder of that amount is owed to the Broker by December 31st of each year.  The dues amount shall be prorated for any agent joining on a date later than January 1st of any given year.
FMLS Fee:  Each agent is responsible for their own .0012% FMLS closing fee. The FMLS closing fee does not count toward your guarantee, but is a separate fee that is a pass-through charge from FMLS to the agent. 
Miscellaneous:  If Broker is required to attend any closing, there will be an additional charge of $100.00.

Option 2- $1,200 up front fee, 100% commissions from day 1!
Monthly Fee:  $0.  Upfront fee of $1,200 required, then agent shall receive 100% of all commissions, with no monthly fee required!  Fee is due again on January 1st of each year!  If agent joins in the middle of the year, amount due will be prorated.
Commission Split: Agent receives 100% of all commissions.
FMLS Fee:  Each agent is responsible for their own .0012% FMLS closing fee. The FMLS closing fee does not count toward your guarantee, but is a separate fee that is a pass-through charge from FMLS to the agent. 
Miscellaneous:  If Broker is required to attend any closing, there will be an additional charge of $100.00.


Upon deciding to join Vineyard, there are some forms you will need to sign and fax to your Broker.
You can view and print these forms HERE.


Our responsibilities to you:
1.       Vineyard Real Estate Group (henceforth known as Vineyard) will hold your license as long as you are with the firm.
2.       Vineyard will release your license to another company promptly, if requested to do so.
3.       Vineyard will notify you of any changes relevant to your business that are made known to us.
4.       Vineyard will offer you membership in any MLS groups with which we have membership.
5.       Your Vineyard Broker will always return calls and emails in a prompt and precise manner.
6.       Vineyard will carry and keep current, E&O Insurance, which will cover all agents within the company.
7.       Vineyard will deposit and process your payments and commissions in a reasonable amount of time, usually within 2 business days or sooner. 
8.       Vineyard will offer “pay at close” with attorneys that allow us to do so.
9.       Vineyard will offer you our current sign and business card design to use for your marketing.
10.   Vineyard will notify any agents of any changes within the firm.
11.   Vineyard reserves the right to release any agents who have not paid their fees within 10 days from the due date.
Your responsibilities to Vineyard:
1.       You are responsible for submitting all paperwork to Vineyard and to FMLS immediately upon its completion.
2.       You are responsible for treating all clients with utmost respect and diligence, and avoiding any claims against you as a licensee or the company as a whole.
3.       You are responsible for informing your Broker about any issues you are experiencing, so you can receive the assistance you need.
4.       Email communication is preferred and is delivered instantly.  This way, everything is on file.
5.       You are responsible for keeping copies of contracts on file, and keeping them handy for easy reference.  You can make a free account at where you can upload as many documents as you would like!  It’s a great file management system.
6.       You are responsible for paying Vineyard on or before the due date each month.
7.       You are responsible for bringing the earnest money and commission check from closing to your Broker.  The checks cannot be processed if they are not yet deposited.
8.       You are responsible for your own business.  At Vineyard, we only hire experienced agents who are ready to take responsibility for their own business.  However, we will offer support whenever it is needed.
9.       You are responsible for purchasing your own business cards, signs, lockboxes and other materials.  If you need help at any time, please email or call your Broker, and we will help when able.
10.   You are responsible for completing your taxes in compliance with state and federal guidelines.  Vineyard will not be responsible for mistakes and errors in taxes.
11.   You assume all responsibility for injuries.  Vineyard is not responsible for business related injuries.


At Vineyard, we know that you have put time and energy into marketing yourself.  That's why it is important to have only the best, most memorable, most catchy marketing to support you.  You, as an agent, are not going to stand out in a sea of red, which is what most "big" real estate firms have adopted as their colors.  If every large real estate firm has a red sign, how is yours any different?

At Vineyard, you'll see that we have reinvented "traditional" real estate.  We are the NEW face of real estate, and there is absolutely no one out there like us.  It all starts with our marketing.  We have hired the very best of the best in Graphic Artists to come up with our logo, sign and card design.  Take a look at our materials.  You WILL stand out with signs and cards like these!

Our For Sale Signs

Our Business Cards (with logo on back, as well)